MBM Male Massage - M2M Massage

MBM is an male massage outcall agency that caters to high-level discerning people where needs accompany remains privacy and confidential at all times. We have been in this industry for 12 years and have built an excellent reputation on delivering and being committed to our promises to our clientele. Our male therapist are entertaining as well as professional to cater for your private party or business functions. We have a wide selection of exclusive choices of student to match for your ideal massage accompany, occasion, location and time. Our outcall male massage services only carry out to hotel and residence even thru overseas as long as you can make an appt with us and we will arrange for you. We do have a few macho male therapist from difference location. please ensure that what kind of massage services or entertainment services that you need for the days. We do offers best services. Massage helps us to feel connected with yourself on all levels. Having an massage is enjoying massage in a trusted environment where you can relax and sense the benefits of a body massage.
Our massage service helps the body to heal itself, increase health and well-being. Touch is an important part of human contact, and massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy. Our team is trained in a massage services, that improve in circulation, relaxed the muscles, and can even provide sensual stimulation.


vinci     (21953)

27 y 178cm 80kg

travis     (770)

29 y 178cm 81kg

tim     (4049)

33 y 177cm 78kg

teddy     (5262)

22 y 176cm 77kg

someset     (248)

23 y 176cm 78kg

solo     (331)

28 y 176cm 77kg

roman     (426)

30 y 179cm 79kg

osim     (4123)

23 y 177cm 79kg

orchard     (1726)

23 y 178cm 80kg

moses     (2746)

26 y 177cm 79kg

mark     (3280)

21 y 174cm 72kg

marc     (5479)

32 y 178cm 81kg

kenny     (3263)

33 y 178cm 79kg

johnny     (4539)

19 y 175cm 75kg

jasper     (1468)

27 y 177cm 77kg

jason     (482)

30y 178cm 79kg

hutchision     (203)

29y 177cm 77kg

hideo     (383)

30y 176cm 71kg

gibert     (345)

26y 175cm 70kg

desmond     (6868)

24 y 177cm 78kg

calvin     (9101)

25 y 178cm 77kg

benny     (263)

35y 178cm 78kg

aron     (6757)

25 y 170cm 75kg

alford     (5637)

27 y 175cm 79 kg